Peta Duffy

 Independent   Candidate

Division 1 | Logan

Springwood, Rochedale South, Priestdale, and part of Daisy Hill

It’s Time

For Change

Hi! I’m Peta

I’m a local girl with a 36-year connection to Logan and Division 1, having grown up in Springwood I’ve also raised my own family in the same area.

I have a broad range of real world experience, from being a small business owner to working in large publicly listed and smaller privately owned organisations as a Financial Controller. During my career I’ve also consulted as a General Manager in the mental health sector, leading a large team of mental health care professionals, practice managers and support staff, guiding process development and strategic management.

I hold a Bachelor of Accounting and have been a Justice of the Peace for the past 12 years.  I’m also a community volunteer at the Rochedale/Springwood Meals on Wheels and have ridden over 1500km’s for an Australian based charity supporting vulnerable children.

What I Stand For


A Safer Community

I commit to implementing safety initiatives to look after our community, so that we can feel safer and more secure within our homes and public spaces.


  • Road safety – identification of roads requiring local area traffic management and traffic calming.
  • Additional safety cameras for crime prevention and hooning in areas pinpointed by the Queensland Police Service.
  • Fencing of selected parks for the safety of our children.

Sustainable & Controlled Growth

Sustainable & Controlled Growth – Shaping our future together through community consultation.


  • Protection of our green spaces.
  • Sufficient off-street parking for all new developments.
  • Future planning for additional infrastructure requirements to support growth in the area, including better access to public transport.
  • Maintain the liveability of our neighbourhood and support for sustainable developments.
  • Community consultation.

Fiscal Responsibility

With a background in finance and business ownership I will ensure council financial responsibility with our money, including eliminating wastage spend from budgets and major projects.


Supporting Our Sports & Community Organisations

  • Support for a new community centre to replace current building on Cinderella Drive.
  • Supporting opportunities for our local sporting clubs to enhance sport in our area, including upgraded and well-maintained facilities.
  • Supporting programs to bring together our local businesses and sporting organisation to support our youth.

Supporting Our Local Economy

  • Champion our small businesses that provide exciting and important local employment opportunities.
  • Support the use of local businesses in local council projects.

Well Maintained Areas and Upgraded Infrastructure Facilities

  • Ongoing maintenance of our parks and public spaces.
  • Upgraded infrastructure, including more useable parks, well-maintained roads, upgraded and maintained footpaths.

Transparency & Accountability In Local Government

As a community we deserve a council that is transparent and a councillor that is held accountable.

I will stand up and advocate for full transparency in council.


Reconnecting Council With The Community It Serves

  • Bringing a fresh injection of skills, energy and commitment to council.
  • Champion better community engagement.
  • Open door policy for all members of the community.

Why I’m Running for Council

As a local community volunteer and long-term resident, I care deeply about this community and over the past few years I’ve grown more and more dissatisfied with the disconnection between our community and council.   Now that my youngest child is finishing school this year, I’ve decided it’s time to stand up and be an advocate for change and reconnection with our community.

 My belief is that as a Councillor, serving our community is a privilege, that local council is all about commitment and dedication to the local area, not about politics.  It’s about working with and for the community, listening and ensuring that as locals we have a voice in matters that affect us. 

It’s about creating support around families, our youth, the elderly and our sporting and community organisations. I also believe in supporting our local businesses (live local/shop local).

I’m currently out meeting everyone in our community, listening to all of the local needs to drive positive change.

 As an independent candidate I’m not affiliated with any political parties and I will be 100% funding my own campaign.

What you’ll get…


A councillor that's authentic, involved & engaged.


A councillor that listens & fights for what's best for Division 1.


A councillor who works hard, represents & supports our community in the way we deserve.